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Hospital for Sick Children  (SickKids)

The Hospital for Sick Children, known to most as SickKids, is in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the top children’s hospitals in the world! It is Canada’s most research-intensive hospital (that means they do a lot of research!) and the largest centre in the country dedicated to improving children's health. Unlike most hospitals, SickKids is just for us – kids!

SickKids improves the health of children by integrating care, research and teaching.

There are professionals from many different health care and research fields working at SickKids. Working together, they provide the best in complex and specialized care by making scientific discoveries and always looking for ways to improve the care they provide to patients. They also help children all over the world by sharing all that knowledge and expertise.

SickKids is also a big school! Many students and young people just starting their health-care careers go to SickKids to learn from SickKids’ staff. They learn from the best!

SickKids also has many child and family-friendly spaces, with lots of stuff for kids and families to do, which helps make SickKids not feel like a hospital. Everyone at SickKids, from the staff to the friendly volunteers, do their best to make the hospital stay the best it can be.

You can read all about SickKids on its
website and watch cool videos on its YouTube channel!

Holland Bloorview Kid's Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview is were I was moved when I was discharged from Sick Kids.  I was there from March 17th to May 8 where I got daily physio and occupational therapies.  Everyone there was really nice and made me feel very comfortable for the time that I was there. 


You can read all about Holland Bloorview on its website and see what great things they do for kids.

Geared to Golf

(This is written by my mom)

Coming into the summer, we were struggling to find some activities that are safe for Andrew to do while he is waiting for his next operation.  Eldorado Golf Club has a parent and kid tour on Saturdays that we had Andrew’s brother Reid in when he was younger. I called to sign Andrew up thinking it was a safe way to get some exercise and something we could do together.  I had asked if they had golf lessons and they gave me contact information for Geared to Golf.


I called Ryan Starr and explained what had happened to Andrew and that I was interested in small groups or individual lessons for him as he is not comfortable being in big groups of kids he doesn’t know right now.  We set up a time for Andrew to meet him at Whispering Ridge Golf Course so that Ryan could assess Andrew’s skills.


Ryan offered individual lessons for Andrew which made him extremely happy.  Ryan is very friendly and encouraging and Andrew really seems to be comfortable with him.  Seeing a big smile on Andrew’s face when he rockets the ball at the driving range fills my heart. Driving home after the first lesson and hearing Andrew say “Mom, I think I’m pretty good ….” assures me that Geared to Golf was the right choice.


Knowing about Andrew’s injury and the weakness on his left side, Ryan, together with one of his instructors, Brianna Cooper, put together an exercise plan for Andrew to do at home to build his strength not only to improve his swing but to help with improving his overall strength in his arms and legs.


Ryan and Geared to Golf has gone above and beyond golf lessons. Giving Andrew opportunity to rebuild his strength and confidence all while learning new skills and enjoying a sport that he will be able to play for a lifetime.


For more information about Geared to Golf click on the link below:

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