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Wondering How I'm Doing??

Hi everyone. This is my first blog post. I thought I would let you know how I have been doing since I have been home. I went back to school on May 10 and finished Grade 5. It felt a little weird but everyone was very nice. Yes I passed and started Grade 6 on Tuesday. All the Grade 6's are in one class this year. I don't think that I have ever not been in a split class before. I really like my teacher and I'm going to really try to do my best.

I haven't had my operation yet to replace my bone flap so I am still wearing a helmet which made the summer hard to do anything with it being so hot. I did go to a camp through Grandview for a few days and a golf camp with my friend's Keegan and Cole but other than that I spent all my time with my family. We stayed pretty close to home, I don't really like going out right now.

I started golf lessons through Geared to Golf, which I am planning on continuing through the winter and a junior tour with my parents at Eldorado. I really like playing golf and I think I am getting pretty good.

We were hoping that I would be able to start practicing baseball this summer, but I don't feel comfortable doing that yet. I think when I have my operation and I don't have to wear my helmet anymore I'll be able to start. Coach Stewart from the Whitby A Squad said that I could train with them over the winter to get me ready for next year.

I had a CT scan a few weeks ago so that Sick Kids could get the measurements for the piece they are going to be building for my skull. They will be using a 3D printer. my mom asked the hospital if I would be able to see it when it is done but they said no. It will be sterilized and not available for me to see before my operation. They did say that they may be able to give me a picture of it. I will post a picture of it if I get it. We all think it is really cool that it is being made with a 3D printer.

We aren't sure how long it will take to build my piece and we just have to wait to get a call from Sick Kids.

I am going to Sick Kids tonight for an MRI. Dr. Kulkarni told my parents that this is just to make sure everything is good in my brain.

Bye for now.

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