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Sick Kids Great Camp Adventure Walk 2015

Well, we did it. ok, we didn't quite make it to 20 kms but we finished 10 kms. I was getting tired and we decided to stop. Here is a glimpse of our day.

We started at the Main Camp which was at Fort York. They had breakfast and opening ceremonies before the walk started. We got a t-shirt, a laynard to collect our badges at each station which we stopped at every 2.5kms. We brought my dog Bam and he got some stuff too, a tennis ball to carry around, lots of dog treats and a bandana or as I like to call it a "Bamdana" to wear around his neck.

The first station was called Messy Hands. We signed the big Sick Kids sign that was displayed at Main Camp. We rested there for a few minutes then it was off to the second station.

The second station was called Spirit of Sport, The Sick Kids Foundation media people saw our I LOVE YOUR BRAIN t shirts and interviewed us on camera. Maybe we will be part of the advertising for next year. You never Know. They asked each of us a few questions about why we were walking and what Sick Kids meant to us. Reid and I took Pictures with Austin Hinchey who is a 2015 Parapan Am Games Bronze Medallist in Sitting Volleyball. Jason Burnett who is a World Record Holder in Trampoline and 2008 Olympic Silver Medallist and Rosie MacLennan who is a 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist and 2015 Pan Am Games Gold Medallist in Trampoline. I thought that was pretty neat. They had a white board that you could write why you were walking and I put down "Brain Injury Awareness. If you didn't know already my team was Called I Love Your Brain.

The third station was called Nature Nut. There was a nature Scavenger Hunt and Lunch. We didn't look for the stuff, we just ate lunch and rested. Since we were walking through Toronto Streets, we saw a small cool ice cream shop so we stopped to get an ice cream cone for the walk.

The fourth station was called Splish Splash. There were a few small water activities like throw a water ball at a target. This is where we finished. I was getting tired and I think Bam was getting really tired too. We noticed that he didn't even have the energy to stick his tail up anymore, it was kind of drooping. We waiting for the bus to bring us back to Main Camp. Bam was so tired that we tried to get him to stand in the isle so someone could have his seat but he wouldn't budge.

When we got back to Main Camp we got our picture taken, had something to eat and relaxed for a little. We signed up again for next year and we are going to try and finish the whole walk and double our fund raising to $3000

All in all we had alot of fun and we are very proud that we helping such a good cause.

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