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New Brain Injury Awareness Supporters

At the Great Adventure Camp Walk for Sick Kid I got to meet some pretty cool people including these two. The way the walk works is every 2.5 kms there are stations where you can get a drink and snack and take a break if you need to. There was one station which was in front of Sick Kids Hospital that was called Spirit of Sport. Cory Joseph and Patrick Patterson from the Toronto Raptors were there to take pictures with all the walkers and sign autographs. My mom gave both of them a bracelet and told them we were trying to raise Brain Injury Awareness. They both put them on right away to show their support.

We wrote them both a letter and sent more bracelets so they hopefully will pass them out to the rest of the team. My parents are donating the money for these bracelets towards next years walk. Thanks you

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