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Another Great Camp Adventure Walk Success

Yay for Team I Love Your Brain, we did it again. 20 Kms and a fun day with my mom, dad and Bam. There were about 3000 people walking in support of Sick Kids Hospital and together we raised $2.2 Million dollars. It was really really hot and very tiring but we did it. I think it was about 36,000 steps on my watch. We got to see a lot of cool things while we were walking around toronto. I put a satellite view of our walk at the bottom of this post just so you can see how far we went.

I'm proud of myself and my family for taking part in this walk and doing what we can to help Sick Kids Hospital continue to save kids like me. Thank you to everyone who supported our Team I Love Your Brain. Stay tooned for the new Sick Kids Campaign. Who knows you may see someone familiar. Me. I hope I hope I hope.

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