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Look Who Is Supporting My Brain Injury Awareness Efforts

Yesterday at my school we had a Brain Injury Awareness Assembly. Linda Lowery from Heads Up Durham came in to talk to us about brain injury prevention and told us about her son who suffered a traumatic brain injury while he was long boarding. We contacted Denny Morrison, who is an Olympic Speed Skater, who was in a motorcycle accident, suffered a stroke, recovered and competed in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. We asked him if we would like to help us inspire the kids at my school and he said that he would love to be part of it. He sent us this video message which we used to introduce a youtube video talking about his journey. This is the link to his video. I don't think I am allowed to upload to my website without permission I think it's pretty cool that he mentions my name and the name of my school and thanks us for raising brain injury awareness.

CTV News came and did a story on our assembly which was pretty cool seeing myself on the news. I'm not allowed to upload this video either but we have it pvr'd at home :)

This year my school helped me raise over $1300 for Sick Kids Hospital from raffle baskets that my mom put together. I think it was a big success and would like to thank everyone who contributed.

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