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Achieving Beyond Brain Injury Charitable Foundation

With everything happening in the world with this new normal we are all living now, we all need to hear some good news. I have some, my family and the Dimanno Family are very close to becoming registered for our charitable foundation. Achieving Beyond Brain Injury's mission is to bring awareness to pediatric stroke into Canadian School Boards. Not everyone, including us, even knew that kids could have strokes, but I am proof that they do happen to healthy active kids, and we have met families where their kids had strokes during school. Kids can have very different signs then the common F.A.S.T. signs and the teachers and administrators in the schools where kids spend most of their day should be aware of the signs and reminded every once in a while. I am here today because I was at my friend;s house and his dad (a firefighter) knew that there was something wrong. My mom always says she doesn't know what would have happened if I was at school or even at home. What do you do when you have a bad headache? Take Tylenol and lie down? From experience our families believe that there is not enough awareness out there and when it comes to kids, getting information to the people who spend a lot of our day with us should definitely know.

We also want to celebrate strong survivors of pediatric stroke and acquired brain injury by offering scholarships as they continue to pursue their dreams and take that next step into post secondary education. We will be asking for donations and selling items like t-shirts to raise money and hope to be able to provide a helping hand to survivors who had to fight for their lives and want to follow their dreams in College or University. You can check out our foundation website at and/or donate by etransfer at .

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